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Professional production and processing square pipe moment、Torque tube...

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New era LTD has its own research and development plant,Excellent team production line

15Focus on production and processing in pipe moment,Plant scale are strong;

New era LTD is one of the outstanding party torque tube manufacturers in China,Service network all over the country;

Using the latest roll forming process;

High precision,Without distortion,Adjustable output,Size can adjust。

New era pipe application technology center,Research and development ability

A senior scientific and technical personnel30More than one,Won several national invention patent and utility model patents;

Newly bought three international leading production unit;

Ensure that square pipe moment of all kinds of mechanical properties and physical properties。

For non-standard custom steel tube production is particularly good at,Products from design to production are strictly control of the industry for many years, senior engineer,To ensure the normal operation after arrived at customer site。

Selection of materials,Source control each link of quality,To ensure high quality

The company throughIS0Quality management system certification,Domestic advanced production technology,Product batch high stability;

Adopts full automation units,The entire computer monitor,Without manual pull hard pulling;

A lot of time、Straightening。

Each workpiece through strict screening,Ensure customer link assembly at the scene, zero error。

360°Perfect service system,Really easy to put you together
  • Pre-sale service:Professional customer service team,One-to-one butler order follow up,7*24Hour rapid response,Let you worry;
  • Sale service:Long-term customers with after-sales consulting for the cooperation,Professional logistics team,Ensure timely delivery to arrive;
  • After-sales service:Product support site acceptance,Product quality problems,The unconditional return。Effect review on a regular basis,Let your peace of mind。
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About the new era
A new era of jinan LTD co., LTD

LTD co., LTD., founded in jinan new era1997Years,Is the collection of scientific research、Production、Trade、Services for the integration of manufacturing enterprises。Producers of the specifications of the pipe moment with the full size,Specifications2800A variety of,Can produce the diamond、Triangle、The pentagon、Hexagon、The fan and other special size,Also can according to customers drawings、Customized size。...

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Professional production and processing square pipe moment、Torque tube...

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Thick wall torque tube standard and use
Thick wall torque tube standard and use

Thick wall torque tube standard and use Thick wall torque tube standard 1、Torque tube thick wall low pressure fluid conveying with galvanized welded square tube,Standard number isGB/T3091-2008。On behalf of the materialQ235A,Q235BQ345BAnd so on。Mainly used for conveying water、Coal...

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Frequently asked questions
How to distinguish fake carbon square tube
With the development of the society,Have a lot of things appeared a counterfeit products,Most people are want to buy anything...
Why are welded square tube deformation
Welded square tube deformation is mainly caused by the contraction force is greater than the parent metal weld。 1: Only one side of a weld...
Carbon-steel pipe specifications and execute standard
Of the goods Specifications(mm) Manufacturers Of the goods Specifications Manufacturers Carbon steel square tube 20*20*0.6-2.0 A new era Carbon steel square tube...
General carbon tube when installation should be paid attention to
Carbon square tube's utilization rate is very high,But general contractor before the construction,To the pipe、Pipe fittings、Rubber ring, etc...
The classification of the galvanized square pipe and their
Galvanized square pipe from the production process is divided into hot dipped galvanized pipe and cold galvanized square。It is because of these two kinds of galvanized...
Square tube thickness
Square tube thickness The thickness of the tube there is no standard table。If the factory square tube label is from the manufacturer2.75,The actual...
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